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"One String Does Not Make A Symphony"

What Makes Sales Symphony Special? Please watch below.

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Please enjoy the following free look at a leadership training session, "When Vision Meets Precision," Parts A-D (click below)

What We Do

Our mission is to bring integrity, competence, and a spirit of excellence to every relationship, group or circumstance.

We will lead by example, load others with praise, and live by our core values.

What I Do

I Coach.

Sales coaching is the key to improving the performance of the sales organization.  Symphony transforms the traditional role of a sales manager from being the expert who directs and tells into a coach who inspires and motivates.  The increased self-motivation to learn, change, and improve closing rates is what makes Symphony a great partner in training those who train others.  Managers learn to help team member self-discover and self-access way to leverage strengths and continually grow and improve through effective problem solving. 

I Train.

Sales training is the key to engaging sellers and managers to learn with a targeted and relevant comprehensive training curriculum.  This customized sales training program includes time tested principles shared using best-practice coaching methodology.  I help identify and correct skill gaps immediately which create enabled performers and systematically improved performances.  This supports our “learning to connect” practice with greater result than the “learning to sell” model being promoted in the marketplace today.  Symphony has proven to be a game-changer.

I Speak.

Sales speaking topics include onboarding, deprogramming, setting expectations, speech transformation, and reinforcement.  I prepare your sales staff with the knowledge and resources to get the job done with a higher degree of effectiveness.  Your staff will be prepared for that next level sales encounter with enthusiasm, readiness and a mind to succeed.  Breaking down before building up is an often-practiced mantra of military and sales leaders alike.  To untrain is more difficult than to retrain, but both are essential to become a super-Producer in this industry.  

Have questions?

By all means, please call us with any questions concerning our products or services.  

There is no way a FAQ, sample videos or pricing statements will completely explain the passion behind Sales Symphony.  We are happy you are considering Symphony as your non-sales training solution.  

Please, feel free to ask me what “non-sales system” means…

Our Course Curriculum

We have prepared over two years worth of training sessions including 120 eleven-minute HD videos, complete with twp 400-page color manuals, and dozens of reinforcement tools to help you produce better salespeople.  Our Lightspeed education portal is easy to navigate, state of the art, and very user-friendly.  

We are revolutionizing the face of sales training for all types of sales agencies across this country.  Whether you are an independent or captive, small, medium, or large or mega-sales agency, or any other type of sales organization, we have a one-size-fits-all program that will transform the way sales are done in your office.  

Connect with Symphony - Changing the Face of Sales


“ Sales Symphony has turned my agency around in short order.  We haven’t hit sales numbers like these in years.  It was a simple fix, which at first was accidental, but has become intentional.  Rather than relying on our price, product, and personality to sell insurance, we have started speaking to the promise of insurance, and we have intentionally tripled our close rate in only three months.”

Brooke Hickman, Allstate Insurance Agency, Charlotte, MI

We really are changing the face of sales
one prospect at time. Please, watch a sample of what is setting Symphony apart from all other sales training.