Our Story

We help our partners achieve their dreams by protecting what they value and sharing solutions that work for their future.  Our inspiration comes from the joy in enjoying a successful coaching partnership and achieving mutual happiness.  We are a “by salespeople, for salespeople” sales and coaching organization who understand the importance of teaching sales from a theology of promise rather than the old mechanics of price, product, and personality. 

Dr. Mark Bartlett

President, CEO

Dr. Mark Bartlett is the Founder and President of Sales Symphony.   Mark has a tremendous passion for teaching and as only the best teachers can claim, also has a resume’ of incredible successes in sales.  After only a short time in sales, Mark was quickly appointed Vice-President and Sales Manager of a large insurance agency and within the second year, name President of the Life and Health division of the company.  Eventually, Mark owned several agencies of his own, including an ownership stake in the agency who first employed him.  As a member of “Who’s Who,” Mark has served as an Executive Coach, Life Coach, Sales Coach and Sales Manager in one of Michigan’s most successful agencies.  

Over the last twelve years, Mark has served as an Executive Coach and worked closely with insurance agents and other sales teams to help them accomplish their dreams related to sales production and personal growth.  His teaching on the promise of sales has connected with with Agents and Producers alike, and driven Sales Symphony to partnership status with many agencies.  Symphony is a reflection of Mark’s passion toward people and commitment to principle.  He has built a platform of instruction, inspiration and education that is reaching sales professionals on a new level.  His approach is different by design, limited in scope, and practical on purpose.  

It has become Mark’s dream to finish his career helping salespeople to better connect and accomplish more than dreamed possible on a personal and professional level.  

As the owner-operator of CoachUp, Dan Whitfield offers his clients a “you-centric” coaching approach. Dan’s entrepreneurial experience and real-world sales leadership drive desired outcomes. Over the last 15 years, owners and leaders of companies such as InXpress, ReachLocal, DexMedia, ZipLocal, and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers have partnered with Dan to achieve accelerated results. 

He is a regular Forbes contributor and has spoken to thousands of leaders at hundreds of sales events, conferences, and motivational seminars, all with the goal to inspire business owners and leaders to see new possibilities and profitability. Dan’s coaching concepts ignite key performance in the areas of sales acceleration, revenue generation, as well as client acquisition and retention.  

Dan is a Symphony Consultant and regular contributor to Symphony sales and leadership content and we are thrilled that he is part of our team.  

Dan Whitfield

contributor, President Coach UP

DJoey Graves

President of sales & Marketing

D.Joey Graves has committed his life to developing people.  As a Pastor, Speaker and Leader, Joey has excelled in educating, equipping and empowering others to find and be the best versions of themselves.  

While pastoring, his investment in people helped to grow the church from an average attendance of one-hundred to being recognized in the top 8% of all churches in the United States.  

He has served Organizations, Associations, and individual Leaders through Next Level Coaching, Conferences and Personal Mentoring.  His work included serving as Moderator of the National Convention of his Denomination and was key in the early stages of its restructuring process.  

His belief is simple; invest in the development of people and the success of the organization will quickly follow.  He is passionate about helping people, organizations and companies realize their full potential.  

Joey understands that his commitment to communicating these passions will help others in becoming the best versions of themselves.  It is this passion and his experience in mentoring, coaching and developing people that makes him a great fit in the Sales Symphony Team.  

Our Stand


We make no apology for limiting the scope of our education to high-level sales training.  We know we are not for everyone.  It is our belief that traditional “selling” of your product is one of the few industries that defy traditional sales training.  Traditional product-based training does not connect with prospects expecting promise-based services.  Providing a promise-based product is a promise-based proposition, and therefore, cannot be approached with the same system of selling as those who promote selling on price, product or personality.  


” Sales Symphony is an insurance-specific sales training organization with best in practice teaching, coaching and mentoring.  Thank you Sales Symphony.”

~ Steve W. Cook

Financial Manager at Comerica Bank & Trust

” The teaching videos are first class, and my agency realized triple than average close rates within the first few months of program implementation… Symphony really helped us.”

~ Roy Neal

President of Insurance House Agency, Detroit, MI

Funny, challenging, inspirational and practical… these are words I use to describe the Sales Symphony training platform.  This is an excellent program.”

~ Joel Brown

Sales Manager, Carbonite Security Systems

Our Position on the Promise



Promiselling is a new word and a new way of teaching sales. At Symphony, we have a strong belief that insurance is first a promise.  A promise can be made, kept or broken, but a promise can never be sold.  Our clients come from industries who are “promise-based” and we are attempting to transform from product-selling to providing on the promises we make to prospects.  Yes, many of the selling principles still apply, but only to the point of following a process that doesn’t compromise our core belief in the sales promise.  Therefore, agencies and organizations who sell on price, product, and personality are imprisoned to the jail cell of “average” in close rates and satisfied customers.  Agencies who speak first to the promise, become super-achievers and experience exploding close rates that far surpass the average and result in more loyal customers.  We have achieved the numbers to prove it and are looking for more followers.



Are you sick of sales?

At Sales Symphony, we have created the anti-thesis of a sales school.  We have built a platform of real-life alternatives that build better rapport, confidence, and trust with prospects.  

Rather than choosing to build better salespeople, we have chosen to help build better people.  So, if you’re sick of tie-downs, minor-point agreements, and being told how and when to “draw the net,” then Symphony is for you.  Sales Symphony is medicine for the sales-sick soul!  

There must be a better way…

There is a better way.  It is a performance-based and relationship-driven model for building your bottom line.  

We don’t use people to build our bottom line.  We use good relationships to build better people.

We may not always, “win the sale,” but we always win.  Treating people like friends instead of prospects will turn them into customers for life.  Yes, this is a better way…  

What is reverse engineering the paycheck about?

Learning to use the upside-down pyramid to balance daily responsibility and monthly pressure will transform the way a seller handles the weight of production.  We call it “reverse engineering” the paycheck.  

This will systematically transform the mind of the Producer.  By eliminating “stinking-thinking” from a Producers’ vocabulary and thought processes, we essentially eliminate wrong ideas which lead to wrong practices.  

Breaking down before building up is an often-practiced mantra of military and sales leaders alike.  To untrain is more difficult that to retrain, but both are essential to become a rock-star Producer in this industry.  

Need a Certificate?

After students complete training, (year one and year two) they receive an accredited Certification of Completion.  Although certification does not guarantee that a student has received a skill, it does guarantee indoctrination into a new philosophy of selling.  Over time, these new skills are employed, and the knowledge obtained provides a huge boost to driving the changes needed related to ROI.  

Who are we trying to help?



At the risk of redundancy, we make no apology for limiting our audience.  Believing that people should do most what they do best, we deliver on our promise to get specific, targeted and timely results, and drive home significantly increased closing rates in your agency.  We have worked with many classes of sales business, but that this time, we have chosen to limit our channel offerings to only those organizations who believe in the integrity of the promise over price, product and personality selling. 

We believe that the features of Promiselling are best delivered in this arena and suited for salespeople who are trying to sound less like salespeople.  We are not asking for your trust; just an open mind to think outside the box, try something new, or maybe just blow up the old model.  Promiselling may be the future of your sales team.  It has made all the difference in ours.

We help here, there and everywhere.  Our platform is transportable across the country through online participation as well as offered through live sessions. 


And without reinforcement, all the powerful pointed and practical sales training goes out the window…


All of the research data in sales training, (and learning deployment in general), supports the need for robust reinforcement.  Yet, “fewer than half, (44%) of the companies follow-up initial sales training with reinforcement.  At the same time, the companies that do reinforce training see 20% more salespeople achieve their sales goals.”  (Peter Ostrow, It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint,” Best in Class, B2B Sales Training for an Ever-Changing Market.)

In our level two Symphony coaching program, we offer extensive follow-up reinforcement that comes in the form of concept reinforcement, expectation reinforcement, motivation enhancement, complementary learning, action planning, and review, practice, and feedback, shadowing and role play, etc.   With proper reinforcement in place, you will experience a lasting impact on people and results for years to come.  


Sales Symphony is the new face of sales for sales agents. Please, consider joining our team today.